A downloadable game for Windows

Simple TDS game

-Use WASD to move your player

-Use Arrow key to launch your weapon

-Add your joystick to play in mode multilplayer

-Use Q to fling a bunch of flying blades

- Use E to drop a block of fire

-Press 2 to use the explosive mine

-Press 3 to make a defensive barrier

-Press 4 to throw green bouncing bombs

-Press R to throw Ice Bombs

-You Have only 4 lives and and you must kill 40 zombies in 2 minutes.

-Press SPACE to use a knife.

-Press TAB to see your Player status.

- Play a several times to improve your score or try multiplayer mode to enjoy with your friends.

-Aware of your own arms because they can hurt you or kill you.

*press enter for play*


-Programmer: Yamirei


-ASSETS: Riley Gombart, Kenney.NL



btjam.zip 17 MB